The Welcome Directory

THE WELCOME DIRECTORY - helping faith communities welcome people leaving prison. 

Established as a charity in 2016, The Welcome Directory has 311 Faith Communities registered, including St Peter & St Paul and St Luke's, who state clearly that people leaving prison will find a welcome with them. Over the next two years the aim is to substantially increase that number, moving towards a simple yet powerful vision: to help faith communities become places where people who leave prison find acceptance. A place to belong that not only nurtures faith but also offers appropriate practical support.

People are at the very heart of this work; people who have found the benefits of being part of a faith community whether inside or outside the prison gates. If nothing else, we hope that engaging with, and being part of, The Welcome Directory will help our faith community to understand that in a deeper way; that those leaving prison have a name, a story as well as hopes and dreams for their lives beyond the prison gate.