Discovery Groups

Discovery Group – Monday afternoons from 1.30pm

We meet every Monday afternoon in term time although we usually take May off because of the Bank Holidays.

We are currently studying "The Twelve Disciples" by Douglas Connelly. This is one of the Lifebuilder study books. We are finding it interesting to learn and discover more about the lesser known Disciples. We always start with a prayer, thinking of any of our group who is ill or on holiday. We then take part in our quite lively Bible readings and discussions. Everyone takes part in the discussions. We are comfortable with one another and happy to discuss personal things sometimes, knowing that what we have said will not be discussed outside the group. We always end with prayers. Some are relevant to what we have been discussing and others are for those whom we know who are sick or troubled or things that have happened in the world, disasters for instance. We always say the Lord's Prayer and end with the Grace.

We always end our Christmas and summer terms with a meal. Either ‘bring and share’ or we go to the Barley Mow at Cosgrove so we can have a walk by the canal after our meal. We have become a very close group who supports one another especially at difficult times. Especially in bereavement or sickness. We always mark group members birthdays by Stephanie making a card for the person. We enjoy our studies and our fellowship and if you would like to join in, contact Pam ( or Pat (


Discovery Group - Monday evenings 7.30pm to 8.30pm

We meet to study books of bible from nose to tail, a short section of verses at a time, as we try to understand God's message in the round and we don’t worry about how many weeks it takes to finish a book or letter. 

N T Wright has written some useful commentaries on the New Testament and we follow these to keep on track. We have lively discussions and can see the relevance of what we read to our busy and complex modern lives.

We meet most Monday's (excepting PCC's) and try not to hold a Discovery Group if too many of us can’t make it. Yes, we do manage to keep our meetings to just over an hour. We find that amount of time concentrating hard on bible passages and answering the questions is enough.  It is sometimes challenging but it is always satisfying to come away with a deeper understanding. 

Each session ends with a time of quiet prayer related to the passage and we end sharing The Grace.

Over the years we have welcomed new members, who fit in easily and bring new perspectives to our study. If you would like to take part, contact Lynda (